A downloadable game for Windows

Use your logic and resolve optical enigmas so as to find pieces of puzzle and to progress in a changing color-base environment. 

The more pieces you discover the more colors you get and the more colors you get the more you understand the world around you and what is happening to you.

Explore, resolve puzzles and find your way out of Black Out.

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2020 

by Grzegorzewski Roman and Horion Raphaël.


BlackOut2.0.zip 123 MB


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Very interesting ideas but could do with a bit of polish. There seems to be no way of exiting the game short of ALT+Tab out and then killing the game process!

I got 8 of the 9 picture pieces (only lacking the top middle piece) but could not see what else I could do or interact with and so gave up. 😥

I don't want to spoil it for you, but stand next to the bed, and try looking at the fishbowl

That gets the middle piece though, right? the floating lines line up with the fish bowl to form the iris part.

ah yeah sorry :) 

Don't worry about it! :)

Oh sorry for the late message... 

The top middle piece is the result of the computer riddle : you need to find the code to get it ! :)

ah. if i ever revisit the game perhaps I can complete the set!

I hope you will ! :)


Very good idea!

Thank you so much !
Maybe one day we will continue it, there is so much more possibilities...